Dr. Panda

Title: Dr. Panda


Running time: 39 episodes x 7 minutes (episode 3-39 by Anikey)

Release: 2019

Directed by: Patrick Chin & Wip Vernooij

Executive producer:  Lin Yan

Created by: Daan Velsink, based on the games of Dr. Panda Ltd.

Line Producer: Erica Darby

Production Manager: Daisy Gibbs

Art Director: Leo de Wijs

Editor: Morgan Francis

Head writer: Daan Velsink


Storyboards by: Anikey

Production Manager: Chris Eimers-Mouw

Storyboard supervisor: Paco Vink & David Muchtar

Storyboard artists: Jelle Brunt, David de Rooij, David Muchtar, Edwin van Beek, Marlyn Spaaij

Production Assistant: Janneke Meekes 


Art Department: Leo de Wijs, Anna Engels & Bonnie Mier


3D Animation production design, Look development & Titles: Polder Animation

CGI Production: Giggle Garage


Voice Direction: Dave Peacock

Music Composer: Alex Debicki

Theme Song Sung by: Lisa Graydon


Sound Recording & Audio Post Production: Soho Square Studios

Voice Dr. Panda: Rasmus Hardiker


Client: Dr. Panda Ltd.

Work: Storyboards


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